Outta Bounds Racing Team

At Outta Bounds we like to play bikes. That means we love to be in the saddle, on the road or in the mountains. We ride hard and work to be better cyclists, but first and foremost we have fun doing it. As a team we ride for each other, strive to give back to the community, and stay true to the spirit of Aloha.

­čŹ╗ Cheers!

Group Rides | Visiting Oahu? | Joining the Team | Thank You to our Sponsors!
The Outta Bounds Team riding around Oahu.

Group Rides

We have regular no-drop group rides every week.

Pau Hana Wednesday - 35 miles

Ohana MTB Thursdays

Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Outta Bounds rides the Ohana trail system from the top of Old Kalaniana╩╗ole Rd. The ride last about 1┬Ż hours, the route varies, and there is a mix of technical and cross country sections.

Saturday Morning Ride - 50+ miles

Saturday morning rides vary in route and are weather dependent. To find out more join our Facebook Group.


There is often a group from Outta Bounds at the Sunday Morning Coffee Jam, which we highly recommend. We also regularly do another mountain bike ride on Sundays. Details are announced on our Facebook group.

Visiting Oahu?

We love to ride with our friends from the mainland. If you're visiting, whether you're not sure about the best routes, prefer a group to share the work, or just want to ride with a social bunch who enjoy a cold one after the ride, come ride with us on Wednesday or hit us up on Facebook to find out what's going on.

Join the Team

Joining the Outta Bounds Racing Team is easy: Just start riding with us regularly and competing in races in Hawaii. If you want to part of the team, and you share our passion for cycling and sense of camaraderie, you'll be wearing our jersey in no time.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Organizing bike races is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, and we could use your support! If you're an individual we always need volunteers on race day. If you represent a business we could use sponsorships for individual races to help us cover expenses like road safety equipment, police escorts, and supplies for rider support. If you're interested in supporting the team or our races please email us at support@outtaboundshawaii.com.