Guide services are $110 for a 2 hour tour.  There will be a $50 charge for each hour over the 2 hours. These prices are up to 4 riders.  For the 5th through 8th rider there will be another guide service fee.   

"No more than 4 riders per guide"

Contact us for Solo Rider special  pricing.

Contact Info:

Phone 808-372-4538

Rental Bikes provided by 

Island Triathlon & Bike (IT&B)


 We have a wide range of tours from a scenic ride of Waikiki and the coastline to a Ridge Ride where can climb to your hearts content.

 We provide rental bikes by IT&B and any bike assembly, repair, and fit services if needed.  We can customize tours for popular tourist sites or  just to have a great training ride.

Tour Pricing

 Our Guide Tour Services are designed for you to achieve the best cycling experience you can on your vacation or business trip.